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  • # 1 - Brief with Jill Kraft

    Jill Kraft – Mayoral Candidate for the 2020 Election Cycle and longtime partner of the Chenango Arts Council came to visit regarding a passion of hers – Arts for the community she loves. Before her decision to run for an elected office, Jill has always been an advocate for the city of Norwich through her creative outlets. To this day, she makes excellent use of the Chenango Arts Council’s Decentralization Grant opportunities to help those with disabilities, low income, or limited access to the arts become content creators that every individual who participates can enjoy. Her main motivation for beginning her artistic background was her mother, who had some mental disabilities which changed their relationship. Due to this experience, she decided to use art as an outlet for those with disabilities to engage their senses and keep them attuned with themselves for as long as possible. Even though this is the final year of the Chenango Arts Council’s DEC granting, it does not mean that we will be finished in our efforts to fund arts and culture in Chenango County.

    Kraft also brought to our attention that her main political goal is to create cohesion amongst the many organizations and local government sectors, so that allocation of funding and resources are combined for more positive results. A few of the main areas of focus are Mental Health Services, Community Safety, and Municipality Cooperation. Even though she is an artist at heart, that does not stop her drive and determination to engage the political realm, where she said: "politics is something you can learn, but the heart and minds of the community are something that you earn".